Welcome to Collector’s Gallery Firearms.

Since1978, we are famous for lowest new and pre-owned gun prices in the area.  We can do this due to our high volume, low overhead operation.  Bill and Jack bring to The Collector’s Coin Gallery a friendly attitude and GREAT DEALS!  We look forward to meeting and talking to all our customers, learning from them and possibly imparting some of our knowledge.  Bill and Jack, brothers, are the principle corporate officers, managers and operators of The Collector’s Coin Gallery, Inc.


Our old web site, in use since 1998, has been decommissioned. The original URL, www.collectorsguns.com, will now direct you to this site. Thank you for visiting our old site.  We hope this new site enhances your browsing experience.

*Images shown may not be Mass compliant. We sell only the Mass compliant versions.